2020 Summer Composition Intensive

at Saint Mary's College

Location and Cost

• The Summer Composition Intensive takes place at Saint Mary's College in the Moreau Center for the Arts, with meetings in the modern, air-conditioned Music Lab, Music Seminar Room, and faculty offices.  


• Saint Mary's College is located in South Bend, Indiana, just off the I80/90 toll road, and easily accessible by car, Amtrak, Chicago South Shore train, and air.  By car, it is 1.5 hrs. from Chicago and Kalamazoo, 2.5 hours from Indianapolis, and 3 from Ann Arbor.


• Instruction begins Monday July 12 in the morning, so Sunday arrival is recommended. Check-out date will be Saturday July 25, with instruction ending in the mid-afternoon, so departures that day are possible.


• $650 Instructional Fee (presentations, workshops, master classes, private lessons, 10 group lunches)

• housing options: 
    1) dorm, not air conditioned but deemed comfortable by participants and by far the most convenient    
        (ca. $25-$30 per night); best option for those without a car
    2) neighborhood residences (ca. $125 total); good option if you have a car and/or willingness to walk 25 minutes each way

• Meals: You may choose to go to the Dining Hall for breakfast or dinner, either on a reserved basis (slightly cheaper) or pay as you go. Simple cooking is possible in the dorm kitchen, folks often go out to area restaurants, and host housing may include access to the household kitchen.