2022 Summer Composition Intensive
at Saint Mary's College
Location and Cost

• The Summer Composition Intensive takes place at Saint Mary's College in the Moreau Center for the Arts, with meetings in the modern, air-conditioned Music Lab, Music Seminar Room, and faculty offices.  

• Saint Mary's College is located in South Bend, Indiana, just off Exit 77 on the I80/90 toll road, and easily accessible by car, Amtrak, Chicago South Shore train, and air.  By car, it is 1.5 hrs. from Chicago and Kalamazoo, 2.5 hours from Indianapolis, and 3 from Ann Arbor.

• Instruction begins Monday July 11 in the morning, so Sunday arrival is recommended. Check-out date will be Sunday July 24, with instruction ending in the mid-afternoon, so departures that day are possible.


• $700 Instructional Fee (presentations, workshops, masterclasses, 6 private lessons)

• Housing
  1) Local homestay, $125 for the entire Intensive--available to fully vaccinated individuals, dependent on availability
  2) Dorm costs are likely to be $35 per night w/no air conditioning, $45 per night with air conditioning. We highly recommend this option for those here without a car although we will work with you to figure out a manageable option.
• Meals: Breakfast on your own; lunch is likely to be on campus as a group (still in the works); dinner on your own (Dining Hall may be an option)