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2021 Faculty Presentation Topics

7/12, Zae Munn

Reality Check on Intentionality

Can we marshal elements of music to communicate explicit intentions to listeners? Can we develop the ‘chops’ to directly communicate if we so choose?


7/14, Stephen Burns

Standard and Extended Techniques in Contemporary Brass Playing

A primer on the trumpet’s acoustic properties, keys, mutes, articulations, multi-phonics, and special effects; and the basics of electroacoustic augmentation.


7/15, Martha Horst

A MAN, A PLAN, A CANAL, PANAMA:  Using Palindromes to Create Musical Structures


7/18, Stephen Burns

Trumpet Sketches: readings and recording session


7/19, Joshua Marquez

Glitch:  When Instrumental Music Malfunctions

Although we associate the term "glitch" with electronic mediums, "glitching" occurs in the natural world.  Through a presentation, workshop, and masterclass, we will evaluate ways to encourage the process of "glitching" during all stages of composition (from generative to notation) and assess the efficacy of the results. 

7/21, Marilyn Shrude


How does time and proportion provide the critical framework for our creative endeavors?

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