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Summer Composition Intensive

at Saint Mary's College


"The Intensive had an environment which encouraged experimentation without the pressure to write an entire new piece during our short time there. I was able to try out new things I would not have approached the same way on my own and came up with several ideas which blossomed into new pieces soon after leaving."

"I thought the program stood out because of its emphasis on exercises that we do while we're there, rather than prior works, and also because of the multitude of guest speakers."
• "The Intensive was simultaneously inspiring, productive and fun. Two weeks spent with such diversely talented companions and mentors reignite all sorts of creative sparks."


"The most salient moments for me were my interactions with the guest composers (private lessons, workshops, dinners, etc.). The diversity of interactions one could have with the guest, ranging from very serious lessons to casual dinners, was refreshing and enlightening."

"In retrospect, the greatest contribution that the Intensive has made to my writing process is a greater ability to be comfortable with remaining in the brainstorming stage of writing for a longer period of time than I was used to and accepting that part of the writing process as valuable, even if all of the ideas don’t become part of a finished piece."

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